How it Works

HEC Ventures is a web site managed by the HEC UK Alumni network, based in London. It is a not-for profit association with volunteers only. The use of the web site is limited to HEC Alumni up-to-date with their yearly membership. The audience is the world wide HEC Alumni network which includes 55 000 members as of today and growing every year by more than 1000 new graduates.

Its goal is to facilitate the connections between Entrepreneurs and Investors within the Alumni network. The access is completely free.

The web site does not collect any fund, it deals only with relationships. Any match between an entrepreneur and an investor will then be dealt with outside the web site. Legal transactions and funds transfers are outside the scope of the HEC Ventures and of the HEC Alumni association.

Being an Alumnus implies several important qualities:

  • HEC is one of the best Business Schools in France, in Europe and beyond. All Alumni expect from fellow colleagues within the network to stand behind the values of Excellence, Professionalism, and Quality in everything we do.
  • HEC Alumni is a network where all graduates went through the same kind of learning, shared time together in Jouy-en-Josas and in Paris and in some cases, became friends for life. We believe that this level of friendship and feeling of belonging creates the right environment of trust.

With this in mind, we believe that HEC Ventures will create the right environment to create the strongest bonds between entrepreneurs and investors, and therefore will lead to successful ventures.



Any HEC Alumni qualifies as an Entrepreneur; there are neither professional qualifications required nor any “majeure” within the HEC diplomas. We nevertheless expect each entrepreneur to be serious in his commitment to the project, reliable in his capacity to execute his or her business plan and to stand behind the project in front of serious investors.

As a rule of thumb, we expect all projects to look for more than 100 000 euros of funding.

An entrepreneur registers for free on the web site using his or her @mailhec email address.

The entrepreneur then creates a submission. A submission is the project itself that the entrepreneur wants to present to investors, in search for funding or any other kind of support. The submission includes a number of classical questions in order to qualify the project by sector, size, maturity, etc…

The entrepreneur extends the description by uploading a Word or Powerpoint document, or even a video, in any format.

Once uploaded, the submission is then visible to Investors.

There is a built-in email system, which allows entrepreneurs to answer questions from investors.

It is important to mention that HEC Ventures cannot be liable for any breach of confidentiality. It is the responsibility of the Entrepreneur to disclose enough information to appeal to investors while not giving out any critical Intellectual Property.



Any HEC Alumni qualifies as an Investor. There is no professional recognition required. Nevertheless, we expect an Investor to be a trusted and reliable counterpart to any entrepreneur. We expect him or her to commit seriously to such a responsibility. For us, a serious investor is an individual who is ready to invest at least 10 000 euros on any project.

An Investor registers on the web site using his or her @mailhec email address.

Once registered, the investor accesses a “dashboard” which lists all the existing projects in the database. He or she can filter projects according to the name of the entrepreneur, name of the project, industrial sector, maturity (early stage or revenue generating). There is also an “alert feature” which will send an email to the investor once a new project corresponding to selected criteria’s is submitted on line.

For each project, the investor can access a summarised description of the project as well as to the Word, Powerpoint or Video detailed description.

An internal email system allows the Investor and the Entrepreneur to exchange confidentially.

The HEC Ventures team do hope that you will find this web site useful. We welcome your feedback on the contact us page.