Any HEC Alumni qualifies as an Investor. There is no professional recognition required. Nevertheless, we expect an Investor to be a trusted and reliable counterpart to any entrepreneur. We expect him or her to commit seriously to such a responsibility. For us, a serious investor is an individual who is ready to invest at least 10 000 euros on any project.

An Investor registers on the web site using his or her @mailhec email address.

Once registered, the investor accesses a “dashboard” which lists all the existing projects in the database. He or she can filter projects according to the name of the entrepreneur, name of the project, industrial sector, maturity (early stage or revenue generating). There is also an “alert feature” which will send an email to the investor once a new project corresponding to selected criteria’s is submitted on line.

For each project, the investor can access a summarised description of the project as well as to the Word, Powerpoint or Video detailed description.

An internal email system allows the Investor and the Entrepreneur to exchange confidentially.

The HEC Ventures team do hope that you will find this web site useful. We welcome your feedback on the contact us page.